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In defense of the Day One patch - Article
The hardest patch to install - Article
The future of retail game packaging - Article
The Basics of Gaming in the cloud, an interview with StrataScale - Article
Fitocracy: Fitness through the gamification of motivation - Article
A quick legal review of the Supreme Court Decision - Article
Popchix Interview - Article
How game companies can make money off used and pirated games - Article
Questions for 2008 - Article
Fixing Gamespot - Article
E3 Prognostications - Article
Who killed E3? - Article
Fixing G4 - Article
The 10 commandments for a console launch - Article
Jessica Rovello Interview - Article
E3 2006 Prognostications - Article
CES 2006 - Article
2005 in Review - Article
Let's talk some hockey - Article

Meet Sarah's Mech - Two Wheeled Edition
Could Kickstarter be the new way to fund old and new games?
Supreme Court rules in favor of game industry
Supreme Court ruling on Brown vs. EMA expected on Monday
GN EIC guests on Co-Opticast
Gaming Nexus is looking for writers
EIC as MVP 2011
NPD console sales for November
Cyril walks you through the top bonus stages
Not going to PAX? Prove it and win a copy of Mafia II for the PC
Don't forget to sign the gamer's petition
Gamers Outreach raffling off epic Hummer Xbox 360 at PAX Prime (you can still get tickets if you don't go though)
Windows 7 Phone montage is less than inspiring
Scott Pilgrim gets cool interactive trailer
RIP AndyMan - your help wanted
E3 2010: Chuck's game list
Glyde converts you old video games into charitable donations
Natal pricing - Is Microsoft willing to lose money to earn market share?
The (minor) problem with Alan Wake
If Mario was designed in 2010
Ultimate driving controller discovered (actually using a car)
A quick note to Bungie regarding their next game
Video games meet reality
Space Paranoids gets a teaser trailer (Tron related)
Witness the 8 bit destruction of New York in PIXELS
We get weird stuff in the mail, new ARG launched
First hands on iPad impressions
Sega shuttering GameWorks arcades nationwide
South Park demonstrates the Tiger Woods game we really want
Metro 2033 deserves your love (and gaming dollars)
Philliadelphia Highway sign will be familiar to Street Fighter fans
What does Apple inviting Game Journos to presentation next week mean?
Cinematical lists the good and bad gaming movies
EIC as MVP 2.0
CollegeHumor illustrates why you might not want to call Mario and Luigi for your plumbing needs
EIC speaking at CONDG
Tetris God exposed as kind of an a-hole
Is Mortal Kombat really a tournament? Johnny Cage doesn't think so
Modern Warfare 2 sparks controversy (i.e. I was right)
Digital Distribution hits it's first speed bumps
Minitorial: Modern Warfare 2 to do more harm than good?
Signed Mirror's Edge Faceplate up for auction, benefits Childs Play
Rest in Peace Rannie Yoo
Retrocrush looks back at the 1978 Atari Catalog
CDC finds that adult gaming addicts are out of shape, depressed. Also sky is blue, water is wet
Yes Felicia Day, we want to date your avatar
Video games still not dead yet - part 2
Video games are dead? Not so fast there
Giant Bomb decomposes the many failures of the Wing Commander movie
Details of Asteroids movie revealed...kind of....still on the express train to FAIL town
Chuck Norris in Super Mario Bros
Newegg helps you figure out how much power your new computer needs
First Person Shooter disease identified, mocked
Sega giving away Columns this weekend
Is Shigeru Miyamoto the Michael Jackson of the video game industry?
E3 Lunch and Learn slides
Luc Robitaille NHL 03 ad a bit creepy
April NPD numbers are out
First Prince of Persia Movie footage online, looks epic and sandy
The PR side of the gaming rumors
NPD PC Sales for March
March NPD Numbers and some surprises
360 outsold by PS2 in Japan, DSi and PSP powers on
Filefront bought by original founders, not shutting down
Managing expectations and the Modern Warfare 2 trailer
February 2009 console NPD numbers
Golden Eye: Source gets a new beta, looks sweet
First Impressions: Harcos Health Potion
January NPD numbers, different month same results
Kojima to give GDC Keynote - 10 minute speech followed by 40 minute cut scene
New DragonBall Z Evolution trailer leaves a lot to be desired
GamingNexus RSS/Twitter feeds make your life easier, we've got forums as well
Leipzip 09 canceled (surprisingly not due to the economic meltdown)
Tomb Raider movies to get rebooted
Circuit City joins Woolworths in the retail farm in the country
December NPD numbers, same story as usual
Ohio teen fails at video game defense, common sense wins out
Happy New Years from GamingNexus
Happy Holidays from GamingNexus/What did you score?
Year in Co-op gaming reviewed
November NPD numbers show Wii is unstoppable and PS3 gets a small bump
Best Game Mechanics of 2008 discussed
Dragonball Evolution trailer about as bad as expected
Is the Observer in Fringe inspired by Half-Life 2's G-Man?
Guy creates real-world Lancer, not quite as cool as Dom and Marcus
October NPD numbers and Sony takes a hit
Gaming and the perception of history
Circuit City files Chapter 11, begins to head the way of CompUSA
GamingNexus Contest: Presidential Booty Call
For those about to vote, we salute you
Forum registrations and GamingNexus Twitter account
YouTube Gaming Interview
September NPD numbers released, price cut worked for Microsoft
How the financial crisis impacts the game industry
August NPD numbers in, 360 passes PS3 by 10K units...everything else the same
GamingNexus writer appears on Game on! podcast (it's not Chuck)
Pac Man - The horror movie
July NPD numbers
PlatformNation holding a Playapalooza charity event on August 14th
Adding a new category of gamers to the mix
June NPD's in, Metal Gear Solid 4 was a system seller
What makes a good E3 press conference?
Happy Independance Day from GamingNexus
Wisconsin offering 25% off taxes, all the cheese you can eat to game development companies
ESA defection continues, LucasArts leaves and infighting over E3 awards breaks loose
Come talk video games tonight in Columbus
Iron Man grosses over 100M at the Box Office, so much for the Grand Theft Auto IV effect
GamingNexus is now on Twitter
Reminder: Unlock the Achievement starts today at noon EST
Unlock the Achievement Scavenger Hunt Announced
Games for Windows magazine now online only
Likelihood of royalty abductions graphed
Pontiac uses Spy Hunter to advertise new car
NPD Numbers for February in - PS3 beats 360 again but still not enough to pass Nintendo
Gaming Gibs for 3/12/2008
Gaming Gibs for 3/11/2008
Star Wars game retrospective
Could Secure PC gaming save PC Gaming?
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gary Gygax passes away
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gaming Odds and Ends
Zero Punctuation takes down Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Gaming Odds and Ends
Gaming Odds and Ends
Zero Punctuation goes to GDC
Game Developers Choice Awards winners announced
Format officially over - Toshiba gives HD DVD the Old Yeller treatment
January NPD numbers released - PS3 passes Xbox 360 for second place
It's Wednesday, time for Zero Punctuation
The unabridged history of killing Lord British
Netflix and Best Buy make the move to Blu Ray
When bad guys want to go good
Getting dressed Oblivion style
Zero Punctuation finally plays Call of Duty 4, enjoys experience
Zero Punctuation goes after The Witcher
Mini-torial – It’s going to be a long,slow week on Xbox Live
Internet Purse Fight: Romero vs. Wilson (Gamecock)
Zero Punctuation has a Crysis
WGA announces game writing award nominees
CES 2008: The audio version
Some Best Buys taking the ESRB ratings too far?
Did you go see Dungeon Siege movie? Apparently no one did
Game Trailers launches WikiCheats
Rumor: E3 and E for All to merge?
Zero Punctuation goes to Silent Hill...not impressed
Want to win a signed copy of the Halo soundtrack and help out war vets?
First Post!
Game Life lists top disappointments of 2007
Hand Bell Hero - yet another rhythm game Chuck sucks at
Coolest office Holiday lights ever are hooked to Frets on Fire
Gamer's Precept Top ten of 2007 posted
Your tax dollars at work: Wisconsin lawmaker wants to tax games to pay for juvenile defender program
Top Gaming Moments in 2007
Record year for games in the UK
Annual Vaporware awards revealed, three games make the cut
The 50 biggest moments of the year
GameCock apologies for VGA stunt
CompUSA shutting down
Loud mouth EIC guests on Game On!
Mario < Master Chief?
Happy Thanksgiving from GamingNexus
Goodbye Joe
Max Payne to be played by Marky Mark - Funky Bunch will dance for food
NHL Goalie and gamer article
28 confessions of a Gamestop manager
Conan vs. Big Daddy (or it's sad when grown men play with toys)
ESA launches misdirected Wall of Protest
Steam servers swamped - just kill me now
Atari 2600 turns 30, I feel very old
First Impressions: Cyberball 2072 (XBLA)
Atari 2600 Label Maker
How the "Cool Cam" saved European Air War
The difference between M and AO? Consequences
USB DDR pad now available for the amazingly lazy
Uwe Bol, the man, the myth, the hater
Do MMO's have/need a point?
Minesweeper: The Movie trailer
Behold the horrors of Karaoke
PAX Lineup revealed...damn impressive
America's Army turns 5
Zork turns 30 today, prepare to feel very old
Hitman Trailer released
Hitman trailer out next week
Novint Falcon released
Monster Cables - when to purchase the expensive cables
New Transformer - Optimus Yan
Top 5 games to play with your kids
New online gaming 'zine Blue Skittle launches
Fan made Katamari Damacy movie trailer
Notes from the GamerScoreBlog tour
Best T-shirt ever?
Happy Mother's Day
Jessica Biel as Chun Li? Wait, they are working on another Street Fighter movie?
Wolfenstein 3D turned 15 this weekend
Games for G.I.'s announced
Gaming Anniversary day
PC Gaming, not quite dead yet
Best Fan Fic ever?
Free Retro Special: Defender of the Crown
GamingNexus on GamerAndy
Reminder: Last day for Carnival of Gamers submissions
Starbucks releases "green" online game
Reminder: Carnival of Gamers this week
Reminder: Carnival of Gamers next week
Games in Movies: Shadow of the Colossus in Reign over Me
GamingNexus is hosting the April Carnival of Gamers and is looking for Submissions
GamingNexus is looking for writers
China thinks about the children - opens boot camp for video game addicts
EA Link vs. Steam, a completely unscientific comparison
Kotaku hypocrisy exposed? Nope, they just suck at embargoes.
Sony and the Kotaku drama queens
Gears of War makes a guest appearance on NCIS
Jack Bauer is back
Children of Men - Go see it
CES 2007 - Quick update
And we're back....maybe
Happy New Year from GamingNexus
The Joy of God of War
Short Round, get my whip and AARP magazine
Dean Takahashi predicts 2007
Happy Holidays from GamingNexus
The hair returns, Romera announces new game for CPL
JT - Martyr for the children
SpikeTV Video Game awards--- sigh
JT on Nightline tonight
Two cool things that came in the mail today
Cool Wii feature
Prices of game developing insane?
Gamers raising money to save MMO
Happy Thanksgiving
Really putting the PS3 launch in perspective
Death of the screenshot?
Episodic Content article up
E3 reborn as GamePro expo? What moron came up with this idea?
HALO Movie postponed, production costs FTW
Scott Adams gets me
50 Greatest Games chosen, prepare to be not amused
Top 50 game journalists named, GamingNexus left out again
1200 posts!
It's the most beautiful time of the year
Next Generation overview
Which version of DirectX 9.0c do you have?
Adam Sessler is no master debater
E3 Summary
eFocus to return to E3 next year
Nintendo first to announce that they will be at E3 07
New Games for Windows program explained a bit more
More on E3 cancellation
Gamers helping Gamers
EA product placements in Entourage?
Let the nostalgia sweep through you
Wing Commander retrospective on the Escapist
Dear Douglas Coupland, I want my $25 back
Mini Superman Returns Review
Superman Returns today
EA and 2K Sports reach non-exclusive deal with the NHL
Damn You Marvel
HDMI/HDCP ICT Flag to not be activated until 2010/2012?
MTV finally does gaming right
Best of E3 thoughts
I'm on my way,Well I'm on my way, Home sweet home
Wheels down
Getting ready for E3
Who are the developers in your neighborhood?
E3 by the numbers
Future GamingNexus contributor born today
Finally a functional case mod
Massive Missive of Movie Maddness
World of Warcraft credit card?
Video fun with gamers
Outsourcing coming the gaming industry?
First Impressions of GRAW and Burnout Revenge
David Jaffe talks to Wired
Video game sales down 5% in January
Are we seeing the last of the single player games?
New GnR album finally dated?
Romero re-told
Light posting
This one goes out to the gamer girlfriends out there
Asheron's Call 2 last's moments
First Post!
Star Wars and Transformers: Together at Last
Halo 2 Tournament next week
Listen to Charles ramble on about scary games
Doom movie opens at #1
ESRB Ratings Alternative announced
Mess with the bull and you're bound to get the horns
Madden 06 a big winner in September
Media group asks Jack Thompson to stop using their name
Someone please make him stop
EB Games/Gamestop merger complete, time for the layoffs
IGE's ads in Xfire draw sharp response
Weekly Releases
Good to have hockey back