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No, Valve is not spying on you using VAC
And the companies producing Steam Machines are....
iBuyPower shows off its Steam Machine
Free-to-play Friday: Dota 2
Valve reveals the Steam Controller
Another possible Left 4 Dead 3 leak along with Source2?
Steam Early Access program allows for individuals to play work-in-progress games
Gabe Newell presents the opening keynote to D.I.C.E. Summit 2013
Gabe Newell talks about Valve, the industry, and other interesting things
Valve looking to produce a living room PC
Gabe confirms new engine in the works
A look inside Valve Software
Those pesky rumors of Valve getting into the hardware business continue to grow
Hey, is this why the next Half-Life is delayed? References to Source 2 found
Gabe Newell see's Linux in the future and thinks Windows 8 is a "catastrophe"
Steam Summer Sale - Daily Deals for July 12
Valve caters to gamers and directors alike
Steam Greenlight allows more indie developers to be known
Blizzard Entertainment and Valve reached an agreement on DOTA
No Valve at E3 means no possibility of Half-Life (EP)3
Dark Horse announces The Art of Portal 2
Hydra brings a bit of motion to Steam
Is Valve getting into the hardware/console business?
*UPDATED: Valve continues to troll Half Life fans (rumor)
Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch recreated in Counter-Strike: Source
Steam now showing love to extreme couponers
Steam Halloween Sale now live through October 31
Valve teaches elementary students with portals
Valve now offering free to play games on Steam
Valve to be at this year's Gamescon
E3 2011: SteelSeries announced Valve partnership
So how exactly does Steam work on the PS3?
Gordon Freeman's gone from Valve
Valve - No trade in option coming
Pachter says Steam will allow for trading soon
Is that a wallet in your Steam, or are you just happy to see me?
Things Valve failed at and they think Microsoft's XBL is a train wreck
Gabe says that Half-Life teaser sheet is...
Valve now offering Prima Guides in Steam, we show you how to get the same info for free
Celebrate Steam on Mac: free Portal for everybody
Valve + Gaming Heads = empty wallet
Steam. Mac. Tomorrow.
A Boomer you can hug...
Steam gets a new client UI
Gabe says the next Half-Life should be scary
Left 4 Dead Digital Comic headed to XBL
Are we going to be Gordon-less again in 2010?
Hitman games 50% off this weekend on Steam
Steam down for maintenance tomorrow night
50% of Relic software on Steam this weekend
Valve looking to maybe do PS3 dev in the future
Fallout 3 half off on Steam this weekend
Steaming with better copy protection
Valve adds DLC support to Steam
Steam Sale going on now
EA games now on Steam
Steam client gets beta for browsing in game
Valve open to being acquired, by EA even
Steam cloud..better than the Galactus cloud
Interview with Doug Lombardi
Steam hits 15 million users, PC gaming officially not dead
Valve releases new developer tools for free
Valve buys Turtle Rock Studios
Steam servers fine - I have no problems
THQ comes to Steam
Valve adding new community features to Steam
Steam signs up user number 13 million
Steam lands Eidos
Black and Orange boxes from EA and Valve Software
Steam continues to grow
Team Fortress 2 sighting
Valve announces Xbox 360 development
The Mod of Garry to be sold through Steam
Valve settles ad issue with IGA