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The Sims 3 University Life - Review
The Sims 3 Aurora Skies - Review
The Sims 3 70s, 80s, and 90s Stuff Pack - Review

Amy Hennig is now at Visceral Games working on a Star Wars title
Reports: EA will publish Respawn Entertainment's next game, which will probably be Titanfall 2
The Sims 4 launching in fall 2014
Andrew Wilson named CEO of EA
Electronic Arts cuts 20 more jobs
E3 2013: Electronic Arts press conference wrap up
E3 2013: Watch today at 4pm EST for EA’s press conference
EA removes online passes for older games making locked content free.
EA getting rid of online passes. Good riddance
EA extends FIFA license through the end of 2022
EA gets to make Star Wars games
EA is the Worst Company in America again
Hack can allow for malicious code to run for those using Origin
EA's CEO stepping down
Upcoming Sims 3 expansions showcased in new screens and trailer
Medal of Honor no longer in the rotation
EA Shutting down servers for several games
Monte Vista featured in latest Sims 3 live broadcast
New details and media released for The Sims 3 Seasons and 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack
Buy one new game and get one free from EA!
Armored Kill expansion for Battlefield 3 now on PS3, other platforms next week
Electronic Arts seems to be exploring a sale
ME3's Leviathan DLC to be released August 28th, 2012
Dead Space 3 releases on February 5, 2013
Sean's The Old Republic Journal #2: A Sith Failure
Sean's The Old Republic Journal #1: My Fall to the the Dark Side
Mass Effect 3's Earth multiplayer pack out next week for free
EA going all digital and gives the raspberry to the NPD
E3 2012: EA now the home of the UFC
E3 2012: EA Download 2012 Recap
The Secret World beta reaches one million registrations
New Gameplay Trailer for Battlefield 3 DLC Map
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Teeth of Naros DLC in trailer form
Teeth of Naros DLC announced for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 update with free weekend
The Legend of Dead Kel DLC launches today for Kingdoms of Amalur
Star Wars: The Old Republic free this weekend, March 15-19
Origin celebrates spring, 50% off select titles till March 19
Concept art from Reckoning's DLC 'The Legend of Dead Kel'
Mass Effect 3 extended cinematic trailer now even more stunning
DART 6 biochip in Syndicate will blow your mind
SSX TV spot and 'Own the Planet' feature
SSX's Eddie Wachowski does 'The Worm'
Hit the online connected slopes of SSX
Shank 2 slicing its way to release on Feb. 7
Cuddle up with the Mass Effect 3 demo this Valentine's Day
EA and NCAA Foorball announce inaugural selections for videogame development fellowship
Mac Fraser featured in SSX "uber" trick showcase
Week of the Illuminati begins for The Secret World
Battlefield 3 players will settle rivalry between metal and hip hop
Studiosus Terminus!
PSA: Dr. Pepper/EA DLC program nearing end
Need for Speed: The Run receives more fancy cars for download
Battle in your browser with Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances
Ray Rice wins digital cover of NFL Blitz
Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman trailer contains even more destruction
Mass Effect 3 collector's edition announced with unboxing
The Sims 3 now has a 20 minute teaser demo
Star Wars: The Old Republic will feature PvP warzones
Cooperate, infiltrate and eliminate with four players in Syndicate
The Secret World beta reaches over 500,000 users, plus new screenshots
Thank Herman Cain for the SimCity sale on Origin
Dragon Age: Redemption premiere episode now available
Kingdoms of Amalur presents the hero's guide series
New Battlefield 3 screens of Operation Guillotine and Caspian Border
EA gets some shuffling of organizational duties
Some Steam keys work on Origin's service
EA + PopCap
E3 2011: Electronic Arts Press Conference Liveblog
E3 2011: EA announces Kinect support for most sport titles
EA’s E3 press event to be live on Spike TV
EA takes roundball back to the drawing board
EA puts an end to the instruction manual (UPDATED)
EA forms new studio for new C&C
Madden Bowl headed for ESPN3
20% off and free shipping from EA store for today only
Another year, more EA servers shutting down
EA may have a non-frivolous lawsuit to worry about
Activision files $400 million suit against EA over departure of Infinity Ward executives
It gets better with EA
EA giving Tiger a bit of time to regain his form
EA not interested in Harmonix, 25 companies make sense if price is right
Dr Pepper and EA add NFS Hot Pursuit DLC to their cap giveaway
A long time ago (last week) in a galaxy far away (California) EA become one with the Force
Please be true: EA readying more SSX
EA's showing off a new Battlefield game
EA and Facebook hold wedding vows
It's that time of the year for EA to lay off some people
E3 2010: EA opens up the Gun Club
E3 2010: EA reveals its MASSIVE lineup
Respawn Entertainment is ex Infinity Ward heads' new company, partnering with EA
EA hops into bed with Curt Schilling's 38 Studios
EA to publish Deathspank and Shank
EA wants YOU for Salt Lake studio
EA isn't done shutting off servers...
EA earnings call provides loose dates for upcoming titles
EA rumored to be working on iSlate games
EA doesn't mind sharing Tiger Woods with other women
EA: Turn out the lights, the party is over...
EA Sports launches Visa card, now earn cashback for EA games
Pandemic Studios maybe dead - Update- Dead but brand continues
CEO of EA says Wii weaker than anticipated
Projects being canceled at EA
EA chopping more workers
EA expands into comics
EA, make this into your next sports franchise game
EA getting casually acquainted with DSiWare
EA Joins Impulse
Electronic Arts confirms layoffs at Maxis
EA'a Gamescom schedule
EA loses two key members of Visceral to Activision
Winner of the National Invent-A-Game Challenge
Microsoft's John Schappert heading back to EA
POGO reminds you about Mother's Day
EA Redwood renamed as Visceral Games
Two EA games hit the stores early
EA says goodbye to the DVD on the PC
Will Wright leaves EA for some creative thinking
EA finally gets it about launching games
EA and American going back to Alice
EA details latest Hasbro video games
Layoffs hit studio of EA cash cows Madden, Tiger Woods
EA games on Steam are SecuROM free
EA belt tightening more than initially reported introduces Hasbro's Pictureka! Museum Mayhem
EA gets two lawsuits for SecuROM
Open beta sign-ups for EA's collectible card game, BattleForge
6% or 600 folks let go from Electronic Arts
EA opens up new Pogo studios
Suda51 + UE3 = Gold?
EA ends pursuit of Take Two
EA serving up tennis
Government approves EA takeover of Take 2
Madden 09 and Facebreaker demos out
EA can't take a hint
E3: iD Software is now under the EA umbrella
EA’s Holiday Lineup lengthy and loaded
Alfonso Ramos is the winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup
UEFA EURO is on store shelves
EA Extends Take-Two Tender to 5/16
FTC wants to talk to EA...again
EA still after Take-Two
EA and Massive partner for Dynamic In-Game Ads on Xbox 360 and PC
EA launches effort to buy Take Two for $2 billion - make your own Dr. Evil joke
EA gets 3 more years for NFL exclusivity
EA breaks out the first Hasbro titles
EA Admits to botching acquisitions of Westwood, Bullfrog. Somewhere Richard Garriot Shrugs
EA delays several games, but Spore finally gets good news to help people kick the smoking habit
EA introduces new program to relieve stress through gaming
EA owns Christmas
EA buys Pandemic and Bioware
Whoops, EA pre-announced SIXAXIS with rumble
EA for All
EA shows some love to Mac users
Is EA trying to alter their own history?
Electronic Arts ups stake in Ubisoft
EA announces a new casual game... because a few people dont want to play Madden next week
New Marvel Superhero fighting game announced by EA
Peter Moore named President of EA Sports
Spielberg announces two projects in conjunction wth EA
EA Sports gets family friendly
EA CEO calls out video games. irony levels near record highs
A whole family of different skill levels for EA sports game on the Wii
EA re-organizes
Electronic Arts pledges to support Macs.....we've heard this before
RUMOR: Vince Young to be Madden 08 cover athlete? San Diego fans rejoice
EA pushes out their own XBL site
EA and New Line renew LOTR license
Electronic Arts + Nettwerk = Artwerk
EA and Harmonix hook up
EA's Spring Wii lineup
EA in negotiation to create IPhone games
EA gets Headgate
Dark Age of Camelot titles shipping out
Crysis and Army of Two delayed
EA cooking up 30 games for the PS3
A few EA WII launch titles
EA's X06 lineup
A Wii bit number of titles from EA
Dark Age of EA
EA says the Mavs will win the NBA championship
EA announces E3 lineup
Electronic Arts reveals their E3 lineup
If EA can't email you you can't play online
Black and Godfather to be discounted on release?
EA cuts staff
EA outs Ubi for non-compete clauses
EA to publish Crysis
EA renews System Shock Trademark
EA grabs up Jamdat
Singapore home of new EA studio
EA launches four titles for the Xbox 360
EA's Steam?
EA to sell their music on iTunes
D'OH, EA lands rights to the Simpons
Spielburg signs deal with EA
Cost of EA's bad overtime practices? $15.6 million!
In Amsterdam for X05? Get a glimpse of some 360 titles