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TRITTON Xbox One headsets coming in Summer 2014
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SF X Tekken is coming and Mad Catz is ready
Mad Catz to begin publishing 360 games
E3 2011: Mad Catz
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E3 2011: Mad Catz announces new PS3 headset
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Mad Catz forms a dev studio
Mad Catz and The Who join up to fight cancer
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Mad Catz scores big with licensed wireless and wired headphones for the 360
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CES 2011: Mad Catz
Rock Band 3 now ready for the pros
Sorry Capcom, Mad Catz likes THQ too
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Mad Catz tightens its grip on Rock Band peripherals
The wireless R.A.T. G.L.I.D.E.s in Europe
Mad Catz's design of the Black Ops line released
E3 2010: Mad Catz (Impressions)
Mad Catz gives you a load of new instruments to play with
Mad Catz all over Call of Duty: Black Ops accessories
If you can't beat them, buy them: Mad Catz buys TRITTON
Mad Catz tames The Beast
Mad Catz and Harmonix marriage to continue
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