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What O’Bannon v. NCAA means to you as a gamer. - Article

NBA LIVE releases extended gameplay trailer
Settlement reached for EA Sports and O'Bannon/Keller, pending court approval.
EA Sports: No NCAA Football game in 2014.
Update: O'Bannon v NCAA Class Action Suit
Summer of Sports: The future of NCAA Football
EA Sports will remove Aaron Hernandez from all games
EA loses in Madden lawsuit verdict; Case goes to merits.
Possible settlement reached in that Madden price-fixing lawsuit
E3 2012: EA now the home of the UFC
EA Sports and FIFA 12 predict 2012 MLS season
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 demo out now with Kinect and Move support
EA and NCAA Foorball announce inaugural selections for videogame development fellowship
No racquet required for the Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo
Ray Rice wins digital cover of NFL Blitz
EA Sports launches $25 season ticket, cripples it with side deal with GameStop
EA’s E3 press event to be live on Spike TV
NBA announces new agreements with Take-Two Interactive and EA
In "EA wants all your money and will invent reasons to take it" news.
EA takes roundball back to the drawing board
EA puts an end to the instruction manual (UPDATED)
Madden Bowl headed for ESPN3
EA Sports relinquishing some online play to Virgin Gaming
Rhys Davies announced as playable character in Tiger Woods 12.
EA working on Madden Curse movie
EA Facing another lawsuit against the Madden franchise
E3 2010: EA reveals its MASSIVE lineup
Supreme Court slaps NFL down which could impact Madden franchise
EA Sports launches Visa card, now earn cashback for EA games
Wanna win EA Sports Open autographed by Tiger Woods?
Can you best Tiger Woods?
EA Sports frontrunning WiiMotionPlus
EA Sports setting up shop on Toy Island
Several ESPN shows now taking a page from new EA Sports Virtual Playbook
EA Sports Fantasy Football Live Draft Tracker now available
EA SPORTS All-Play games plan their play-dates