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Sega has acquired Atlus
Sega will be bringing their entire fall lineup to PAX Prime
New Total War: Rome II video showcases campaign gameplay
Explore the interactive campaign map of Total War: Rome II
Company of Heroes 2 (Pre-review Impressions)
Company of Heroes 2 E3 demo playable for today
E3 2013: Sega's lineup
March your armies to battle in Total War: Rome II on Sept. 3
Pontus faction revealed as free launch DLC for Total War: Rome II
Company of Heroes 2 deploys details for pre-order exclusive Digital Collector's Edition
Sega reveals PAX Prime line-up, teases unannounced digital title
Steam Summer Sale - Daily Deals for July 12
E3 2012: Jet Set Radio (Hands-on)
E3 2012: The Cave (Impressions)
Qualcomm partners with developers to attempt the Guinness world record for longest tablet gaming marathon
Sega falls victim to the economic times
Take direct control in Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai
Sign of tough times: Sonic the Hedgehog doing insurance commercials
Sega releases new video on the birth of Sonic the Hedgehog
Prepare yourself for a gory double feature in The House of the Dead
Sonic Generations trailer showcases modern era stages
Sega announces new-old Australian studio
Sega auctioning off cool swag for Japanese relief efforts
Sega iOs games on sale for a good cause as well
PSN preparing for a Genesis injection
GDC 2011: Yu Sukuzi to receive Pioneer Award
Sega announces holiday sale on iTunes, XBLA and PSN
Happy (belated) Birthday Sonic!
Deal Alert: SEGA sale on Steam all week
Scratch that, Sega really is serious about the Wii
Vanquish: What we know so far...
Sege gambled and lost with mature Wii games, moving on
GamersGate reveals yet more new goodies
Slow as Sunday: Sega has the power!
Sega's Vintage Classics are coming to the Xbox and PS3 ... again!
Sega putting their support behind PhysX
Sega launches new community and gaming site,
Sega re-licenses Unreal Engine 3 for unannounced cross-platform game
Sega partners with Platinum Games
SEGA announces 2008 Mobile titles
Sega to join merger mania?
This week's redundant VC announcement
Sega introduces its games to both sides of the Pacific
SEGA dishes out more VC
Sega announces E3 lineup
Sega and Bioware hook up for Sonic RPG
Sega and Gas Powered Games hook up
NiGHTS on Wii all but confirmed
Sega beefs up the VC
Sega beefs up the VC
Golden Axe and Ecco the Dolphin now available on Virtual Console
Sonic celebrates 15 years with four new releases
Sega paves the road to E3
Sega acquires Sports Interactive
Sega will be making the official Olympics video game