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Six titles coming to the Wii U from Activision
Activision Blizzard no longer part of Vivendi
Explore sanctuary in the new Diablo 3 Starter Edition
Activision Blizzard breaking into the Chinese market with Call of Duty Online
Talks of Activision Blizzard sale heating up
Winner announced in Activision's Independent Game Competition
Shake those martinis in 007 Legends
Elite content drops begin for Modern Warfare 3
Dress your avatar, support our troops
Confirmed: Modern Warfare 3 will contain many explosions
Spider-Man: Edge of Time swings into your web
NASCAR Unleashed debut trailer
Winners of Activision's Independent Games Competition announced
E3 2011: Activision reveals their cards
E3 2011: Spider-man: Edge of Time trailer
E3 2011: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures brings cross platform (console) play
E3 2011: Prototype 2 trailer
DJ / Guitar Hero DLC isn’t dead yet
RUMOR: Activision looking to assimilate Take-Two
Activision shelves Guitar Hero for 2011, kills True Crime: Hong Kong
Activision choses Beenox as lead developer on upcoming Spider-Man titles
Activision files $400 million suit against EA over departure of Infinity Ward executives
Axl Rose sues Activision over Guitar Hero III
RUMOR: Bizarre Creations being closed by Activision
Just call to turn on the WoW
Because it is never too early...
Blizzard's next MMO going to be a new IP
Don’t worry, Call of Duty will remain free to play
Blizzard backs off plans to use real names, this is why we can't have nice things
Bobby Kotick frustrated that he can't get more money via Xbox Live
E3 2010: Microsoft Activision agreement details
BlizzCon tickets: 6/2/10 and 6/5/10
The Call of Duty that wasn’t
Activision has a lot of stuff for E3 this year
Activision Blizzard announces financial results
Infinity Ward to continue work on Call of Duty series
Facebook and integration coming soon
Bungie signs 10 year,multi-platform deal with Activision, apparently unaware of all that Infinity Ward stuff
And the oversaturation of Call of Duty games begins
Activision responds to all the hoopla
Why Infinity Ward leaving doesn't impact Activision in the least
Activision countersues ex Infinity Ward heads
Activision escorts two Infinity Ward studio heads out of the building
Activision wants console price cuts, so do I
Red Octane is no more
Activision's Spider Man games suck?
Avatar costumes get Transformed
Future Call of Duty going the paid online route
Bobby Kotick makes about $20 million selling ATVI
Activision setting up fund for unemployed military veterans
Resistance 3, Killzone 3, next World at War rumorings
Blizzard key fob
Activision didn't want Modern Warfare, they wanted another WWII game
Bobby Kotick takes the fun out of Activision
Activision's GameCom 2009 lineup
Activision's CEO says he'd raise game prices even more
Activision shares drop 14% in past month over possible Starcraft II delay
EA loses two key members of Visceral to Activision
Activision pushes Singularity to March 2010 to leave space for Modern Warfare 2
Sony CEO Howard Stringer brushes off Activision's threat
Activision threatens to drop PS3 and PSP
Activision's E3 lineup - Wolfenstein dated
Activision announces DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, and Band Hero
Activision Blizzard's got some cash to spend, looking to pick up deals
Activision to have big presence at NY Comic Con, Prototype to hit stores in June
Viral video for new Activision game released, time to begin the hunt for clues
Activision Brings Budcat Creations In House
Activision not publishing Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend, or Blood in the Sand?
E3: Activision Press Conference Live Blog
New Wolfenstein game coming
Activision/Vivendi pull out of the ESA completely
Activision officially out of E3
Return fire by Gibson
Activision fires back at Gibson
The NPD says Activision ruled 2007
Call of Duty and Guitar Hero to become annual games
Press release for THE merger
WTH - Activision and Vivendi merge
Old guitar heroes don't die
School's in session for Activision and Scholastic
Activision confirms a date and introduces a new friend
We're going to be in a movie.. Woo hoo!!!!
Activision strums their way past EA to become #1 third party developer
Activision to keep Guitar Hero DLC pricing steady
E3 07: Activision
Acitivision Announces E3 07 Lineup
Activision gets 8 million unit boost thanks to movie tie-ins
Activision confirms 2007 E3 lineup
Activision goes unreal
Activision buys Demonware relaunches
Activsion Ships Wii and PS3 titles
Activision's X06 lineup
Nickelodeon and Activision to distribute Nick Jr. PC-CD ROMs
Activison to present at Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment Conference
Activision talks about their handheld lineup
Activision to show off a trio of titles at Comic Con
Treyarch given the keys to the Astin Martin
I'm a Barbie girl... in a Barbie world..
Activision acquires Red Octane
Activision's next-gen lineup
Activision bags Bond license from EA
Next gen Tony Hawk footage leaked?
Call of Duty to go modern?
Activision Xbox 360 line-up ships
Activision locks up X-men and Spiderman until 2017
Activision fights back
New Wolfenstein coming
Activision hooks up with the Military channel