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New co-op multiplayer mode for Ace Combat Infinity
E3 2013: Dark Souls 2 (Hands-On)
Namco Bandai titles 50 Percent off on PSN
Gamescom 2012: Kirk and Spock battle Gorn in new Star Trek trailer
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Dragonball Z Budokai HD Collection gets North American release
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Qualcomm partners with developers to attempt the Guinness world record for longest tablet gaming marathon
Shrieks of joy for Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch trailer
Purchase an extra keyboard now, Dark Souls coming to PC
Armored Core V will launch on March 20
Soul Calibur V goes gold, set for release on Jan. 31
Dark Souls All Saints Day trailer brings the bosses
Inversion gameplay video ignores the rules of gravity
E3 2011: Namco bringing a heavy dose of Galaga this summer
NAMCO BANDAI name is now the only one…
What is “A Tale of Two Richards”?
Namco hosting a Black Friday sale
NAMCO rolling everything under one banner
Capcom / Namco rumors continue...
Hey Pac-Man, why so serious?
Namco Bandai making more games digitally available
Namco and Ninja Theory working on mystery title
Namco Bandai Games AMERICA InC. AND TAPOUT TEAM UP to deliver fierce GEAR FOR tekken® 6
Namco to obtains rights to create Dragon Ball Z games on all platforms
Namco Bandai licenses Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine for upcoming Wii title
Namco Bandai details their New York Comic Con booth
Screens for Namco Museum Virtual Arcade
Afro Samurai. I'm tired of these mother fing ronin in my mother fing hair.
Namco Bandai bringing Soulcalibur and PowerUp Forever to Xbox Live Arcade
First pics out for two 10th anniversary Tales
Namco unveils huge PAX lineup
September 18th is officially DIGIMON DAY
Big Screen Naruto vs. Small Screen Naruto
Namco says they must sell 500k copies to make a profit on the PS3
No thanks. I'm stuffed.
Be the Pac Man champ at E3