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First part in Watch Dogs gameplay video series explores hacking
CES 2013: Ubisoft and Lenovo
CES 2013: Ubisoft and Lenovo team up with content for the table PC
CES 2013: The week ahead
Ubisoft relinquishes and removes its really bad DRM
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Steam Weekend Deal: Ubisoft
CD Projekt RED/ Spring Conference Recap
GameStop secures Ghost Recon Future Soldier 'Signature Edition'
Do you believe in the Ghosts?
Ubisoft may have some tricks up their sleeves in 2012
Behind the scenes video of Shoot Many Robots
Soul Calibur V goes gold, set for release on Jan. 31
E3 2011: Ubisoft Press Conference
E3 2011: Ubisoft unveils Kinect support for all future Tom Clancy titles
Best news ever/worst news ever: part 2
Lets play Best news ever/Worst news ever.....Ubisoft is getting into the moving picture biz.
Ubisoft to distribute Rift for Trion in Europe
Ubisoft says Kinect will be hard to get this holiday season
Ubisoft drops Ubi-DRM for Steamworks in R.U.S.E.
Clint Hocking leaves Ubisoft
Ubisoft is going green by doing away with manuals on all platforms except the Wii
Ubisoft's DRM server really works in a bad way
What does Ubi have planned?
Ubisoft casual sales down 50%, DS is the culprit
Ubisoft working on 10 new Natal games and 4-5 new Sony wand controller games
Ubisoft launches games-for-girls portal Ubiworld
3 New Ubisoft titles on Impulse
Ubisoft slowing hiring, already working on games for next generation of consoles
Ubisoft cancels Ubidays to focus on E3, GamesCon, and TGS
Mac gets some Prince of Persia and Shaun White love
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game celebrates 25 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Assassin's Creed 2 in 2009?
Ubi goes Massive and buys World in Conflict developer
Ubisoft delays Anno and unnamed new IP
HAWX delayed til next year, Brothers a month or so
Another prince game coming your way
Ubisoft buys the Tom Clancy name/announces new MMO
Could Alteir help Ubisoft fend off EA?
Ubisoft announces their 2007 Holiday Lineup
Awww yeah booooooy... let's play some chess
Ubisoft looking to expand with a little M&A?
Ubisoft Purchases Scrooge McDuck-sized Money Vault
Ubisoft Buys SunFlowers, Germany Celebrates
A short history of Ubisoft
The Launch of Ubisoft...
Ubisoft says they'll have seven titles at launch
Ubisoft is Driven
Ubisoft opens production studio in country 80% of Americans have no idea exists
Ubi announced E3 Lineup
Wolfpack to go the way of the PSOne, Old Yellar, and Chef
Ubi to bring Capcom titles to the PC
Ubi hooks up with Free Radical