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Holiday Gift Guide - Article
E3 2011 Conference grades - Article

Phil Spencer is now the head of the Xbox division
Marc Whitten leaves Microsoft for Sonos
Jason Holtman leaves Microsoft after just six months
Microsoft gets a new CEO
Microsoft buys Gears of War rights from Epic
Overall, 3 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide
Microsoft and McDonalds giving away 14,000 Xbox One’s this holiday
On a day when a new PlayStation is launched, another important console launched 12 years ago
PC Marketplace is closing
Jason Holtman, former Steam head honcho, now at Microsoft
Microsoft is seeking a team to help promote the Xbox One
Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft - Confirmed
Microsoft shows off more of their concept IllumiRoom
27 Days until the new Xbox reveal…and Microsoft wants you watching
Microsoft's IllumiRoom Project looks kinda cool
Xbox 720 and PS4 may be less than a year away.
Major Nelson is counting down to E3, wonder what it means
And now for Microsofts Black Friday offerings
Microsoft’s new hire to lead to new original Xbox programming
Microsoft announces "Killer Instinct" Trademark renewal
Rapid Reaction: Polk Audio and Microsoft joining forces
Polk Audio and Microsoft to partner for Xbox 360 premium audio gear
Reminder: Watch Curiosity land on Mars on your Xbox
Gabe Newell see's Linux in the future and thinks Windows 8 is a "catastrophe"
Reminder folks, change your Xbox passwords!
Track how much exercise you get while playing with Kinect PlayFit
Microsoft acquires "Xbox 8" domain
E3: 2012 - Microsoft Xbox 2012 Media Briefing Recap
E3 2012: Microsoft reveals new entertainment partners
Microsoft keynote to air on XBL
Your grandparents' favorite Internet browser possibly coming to your Xbox 360
Next round of "Xbox 720" rumors
Microsoft alters the XBLA policy yet again
Phil Harrison is going to Microsoft. Yes THAT Phil Harrison
Peter Molyneux has left Microsoft
Creepy developer diary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare
CES 2012: Microsoft gaming on the floor
RUMOR: The next Xbox and PlayStation will be unveiled at this year's E3
Next Xbox may include an integrated DVR
Dress your avatar, support our troops
New Xbox Experience with Metro Dash rollout starts this morning
Great Cyber-Monday deals to be found on Xbox Live
Xbox 360 Holiday bundles inbound
Microsoft Studios acquires Twisted Pixel
Microsoft still has much to learn about customer service…
Microsoft's 1,000,000 MS point giveaway
Mad Catz to begin publishing 360 games
RUMOR: Next Xbox to be announced next year at E3
E3 2011: Xbox 360 game montage
E3 2011: Kinect montage trailer
E3 2011: Xbox Live Summer of Arcade coming again this year
E3 2011: Microsoft has a new wireless racing wheel
E3 2011: Cloud storage heads to Xbox 360
E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference
E3 2011: New Kinect-focused dashboard coming
Microsoft learns from Sony's mistakes, treats hacker with kid gloves.
Trademark filings hint at new Microsoft console, game trilogy, or who knows what.
Spike TV wants to know where you will be on June 6
Fox News proclaims that console gaming is dead
Want to be a Microsoft Xbox Live lab rat?
Armchair Analysis: The Price Cut Conundrum
Microsoft postings fuel speculation on next console
Microsoft wants you to unleash your avatar on the world
Mad Catz scores big with licensed wireless and wired headphones for the 360
Microsoft reveals Xbox Live Rewards program
Windows Phone address live
Microsoft finally phasing out the clamshell packaging?
RUMOR: Microsoft scrapped plans to do online console and PC gaming harmony
This week on XBLA...
E3 2010: Microsoft Activision agreement details
E3 2010: ESPN on XBL details
Aaron Greenberg loves to keep the fight against Sony going
MS teases E3 info to Xbox Live members
Robbie Bach and J Allard are leaving Microsoft
Microsoft announced Dream Build Play 2010 winners
More troubles for Microsoft Game Room?
Microsoft set to publish AQUA
360 getting USB storage?
What happened to free?
Shooter Fiesta 2010... for Japan
Will Wright to speak at NYU about “Why Games are (Good) for Learning”
CES trailer for the Microsoft Game Room
CES 2010: Microsoft Press conference
8 quarter-finalists chosen for the Unlock Xbox competition; Also, promotions on the site
Buy video games, fight breast cancer
Rumor: AMD/ATI gets next Xbox
New features for Xbox Live, Last FM, Facebook, and Twitter shown on Joystiq video
Microsoft shuffling executives
Microsoft Retail outlets coming to Cali and Zona
The news Microsoft DIDN'T announce at their press conference
Microsoft E3 presser going to start a little earlier
Is this the Zune handheld?
Microsoft bashes PS3, says Lost and Damned would sell more than Killzone 2 if it was retail
A graph on why a lot of Microsoft's entertainment division was cut
ACES Studio greatly impacted by Microsoft cuts
Microsoft layoffs swallow up the Gamerscoreblog group
Microsoft succumbs to economy, slashes 5,000 jobs
Microsoft layoffs swallow up the Gamerscoreblog group
Microsoft developing next mouse technology?
Yes, a Halo game was suppose to be at the Microsoft conference but..
Michael Delman to replace Jeff Bell at Microsoft
Bye Bye Bell, Hello Kim
Last week Microsoft grew a conscience
Nintendo programmer leaves for Microsoft
MSN goes Mad
Microsoft Keynote at GDC
Rumor: Microsoft buying Logitech
Microsoft announces CES 2008 lineup
Old Spice Experience Challenge
Microsoft... we had a good quarter thanks to Mr. Chief
Microsoft ships a pair of PC games
First batch of Microsoft PAX Goodness
Microsoft scraps X07?
E3 07: Peter Moore Interview
Peter Moore leaves Microsoft for EA Sports
Live integration confirmed for Microsoft XP: DirectX 10 not so much (updated)
E3 07 Microsoft Press Conference John's Summary
A chip off the ol' Xbox
It's a big ass table
Irony, thy name is Immersion
Microsoft unveils new touched based computing
Gears of War Global Tourney
Games for Windows gets a new home
X06 Summary
Ahh RC1 is upon us
Microsoft denies Physics in Direct X 10
Moore on backwards compatability
Microsoft Press event - Live (updated with actual content)
Microsoft goes crazy at E3
Microsoft Press event - Live
Microsoft officially acquires Massive
Microsoft to purchase Massive?
Microsoft to produce portable gaming system?
Microsoft working on portable music and gaming device?
Xbox: Not quite dead yet
Digital Anvil closed down
Fable 2 announced?
Now for something entirely different
Rise of the Ultimate Fan
No Japanese love for the 360?
Xbox 360 Lineup leaked?