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Dragon Age 2 - Review

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ME3's Leviathan DLC to be released August 28th, 2012
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Sean's The Old Republic Journal #1: My Fall to the the Dark Side
Mass Effect 3's Earth multiplayer pack out next week for free
The Art of the Mass Effect Universe (Book Review)
Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 update with free weekend
Star Wars: The Old Republic free this weekend, March 15-19
Weekend Combo: Cylons and Reapers Edition
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Cuddle up with the Mass Effect 3 demo this Valentine's Day
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More new BioWare franchise teasing by Spike TV
Mass Effect 3 collector's edition announced with unboxing
BioWare sound design video
BioWare teases new IP
Star Wars: The Old Republic will feature PvP warzones
Dragon Age: Redemption premiere episode now available
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Biothic or Mythware, it's your choice
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Bioware MMO to be different
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BioWare Austin is born