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Developer Retrospective: Stardock - Article
Interview with Derek “Kael” Paxton from Stardock - Article

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion receiving Forbidden Worlds DLC
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion praised in new trailer
New features for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress beta 3
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion teaser trailer is a stunner
Elemental: Fallen Enchantress developer diary details factions
Stardock comes to Steam
This weekends Impulse deals (XCom & STO)
Stardock hires fantasy sci-fi writer Dave Stern for the creative department
Stardock hires Civ V lead designer
Save hundreds of Trees...get your strategy guides on Impulse
Stardock bringing in Fall of Heaven creator to help with Elemental and its upcoming DLC
Impulse doing Christmas deals as well, but with a catch
COD4 and Street Fighter IV for cheaps on Impulse this weekend
THQ Shooters Highlight Weekend Deals on Impulse
Stardock launches Phase IV of Impulse
PAX 2009 - Impulse Phase 4 Impressions
Nvidia and Stardock hook up on customized version of Impulse
Get the Witcher for under $30 this week on Impulse
Get crazy with Impulse deals this week
Half off all Paradox titles this weekend on Impulse
Good deals on Indies this weekend on Impulse
Pre-order Red Faction: Guerrilla on Impulse, get first two Red Faction games for free
Prince of Persia gets Impulsive
Stardock wants you to switch to Windows 7 as soon as possible
Impulse just got better
Weekend Impulse Buys -- $10 off Penny Arcade bundle
Stardock releases next phase of their Impulse service
Stardock creates a new "Goo"y DRM
Impulse nears millionth user, user # 1,000,000 to score a nice PC
Impulse Weekend Deals (3/12-3/26)
Stardock CEO takes the steam out of Steam
Weekend Impulse Buys from Stardock.
Braid developer reconsiders Braid pricing - no more $5 PC surcharge
Braid coming to Impulse--needs $5 more than XBLA
Crazy Machines series on Stardock's Impulse
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and Titan Quest added to Stardock's Impulse
Stardock happy to skip the holiday rush, stay in the safety of the post holiday lull
Stardock announces Gamer Bill of Rights
Stardock releases second phase of Impulse digital distribution system
Stardock looking to increase videogame Impulse buys
Star Dock launches new digital distribution system
StarDock to distribute CinemaWare games