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Gaming Nexus' Picks For Remaking One Game - Article
Next Generation AV upgrades you didn't know you needed - Article
Best and worst from the first half of the year - Article
If the real world were like an FPS game - Article
Bluetooth Communications - Article
Gaming Nexus's move to new technologies and design - Article
Revolution details trickle in - Article
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Revolution: Worth the Wait? - Article
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AGEIA - Article
AOL Video Games Scores station interview - Article
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PlayStation 3 - Preview
2005 E3 Preview - Article
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Micro-transactions in Xenon - Article
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What we are looking forward to in 2004 - Article
2003 Year in Review - Article
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Flight Simulator 2004: A part-time pilot's perspective - Article
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Home-made PVR - Article
Random Babblings: Top 5 Adventure Games of All Time - Article
Top game franchises that need to be re-booted (or re-re-booted) - Article

Anti video game lawyer arrested on charges of corruption and bribery
Rami Ismail joins keynote roster at Indiecade East
This He-Man game looks incredible
Gaming Nexus server moves, you might experience some technical difficulties
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #9
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #8
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #7
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #6
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #5
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #4
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #3
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #2
Madden 25 MUT Pack Code #1
Gaming Nexus is looking for two new folks to join our lovely group
Instant Expert: Five Famous Characters That Called It Quits (Video)
Five Games That Are Secretly Connected
This Week in Gaming History: August 19, 2013
This Week in Gaming History: August 12, 2013
25 Game Titles You're Probably Saying Wrong
We're hiring!
Cliff Bleszinski teases his next project
Wii Music: Nintendo's Musical Black Sheep
E3 staff spotlight: A few minutes with Mike Mahardy
E3 2013: Press conference schedule
Want to join the Gaming Nexus team?
Ten Most Ridiculous Things Said in Valis III
Final EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #13: Tetris
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #12: Mass Effect Infiltrator
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #11: Mirror’s Edge
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #10: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #9: Skate It
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #8: Mass Effect Infiltrator
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #7: Mirror’s Edge
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #6: The Sims 3
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #5: Tetris
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #4: Lemonade Tycoon
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #3: Mass Effect Infiltrator
EA iOS Free Code Giveaway #2: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
We are giving away EA codes for iOS devices this weekend!
QUIZ: NES Accessory or James Bond Gadget?
Simple Thoughts w/ Die Hard Game Fan: Batman Returns (SNES)
House of the Dead 2's Top 10 Most Ridiculous Moments
QUIZ: Sonic the Hedgehog Friend or Famous Mobster?
Simple Thoughts w/ Die Hard Game Fan: Air Zonk CD
The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things Said in Zelda
CES 2013: Only in Las Vegas
CES 2013: Unique Las Vegas gamer's experience
Happy Holidays from Gaming Nexus!
The halftime show at the Ohio State University / Nebraska game had a great theme
The blogisphere loses a gem: Andriasang closing up shop
Quick comments with working on each console
PC gaming, oh how far we've come
Rumors of the next generation locking out used games
Numecent puts the cloud on steroids with Cloudpaging
Giveaway Friday featuring World of Tanks
Gaming Nexus going dark against SOPA tomorrow
Two industry staples call it quits
When you can't wait: why buying new games doesn't have to mean paying full price
Mid-Ohio Comic-Con
The triptacular Mario 30th anniversary tribute
Gaming Nexus is looking for writer/news contributor
Coin animation at its finest
Editorial: Drawing the line on blame.
iam8bit is on for 2011
Borders finally throws in the towel
If classic games had DLC
Reminder: Gaming Nexus Facebook page contest continues
Gaming Nexus Facebook Community launches today! Win prizes!
Red Bull gives you wings, also ECA memberships
Cracked gives you six gaming innovations that are kind of old
...and these are the “professional” journalists?
So how do glass-less 3D work?
Consider yourself warned: it's April 1
Welcome to the Next Level (Arcade)
My desktop as a PC gamer
You haven't changed a bit! (Video Game Reunion)
Loss of an Xbox Community Icon
Smithsonian Museum to display video game art; Roger Ebert is horrified
Half time show for video games
Peter Molyneux will be honored at Game Developers Choice Awards
Chuck asks do we need another handheld with smartphones these days? I say most definitely.
Nick is gone, but his charitable and gaming spirit lives on
Marshawn Lynch's run Tecmo style
Now Loading: New Releases for the week of 1/9/11
Gaming Myths: Busted!
Get symbolic with extra credits
Some goofy gaming Halloween costumes and one terrifying one
Some halloween costume ideas for gamers
The funny things you find when you are crawling around in the basement
Mayor for life? I think so
Make your web browsing a game
Gaming furniture!
The Exergame Network to provide exercise ratings for games (but includes gameplay rankings)
M8 replica Mass Effect rifle is impressive
Billy Mitchell is King of Kong.. and Jr.
Gamers, Sign on the dotted line (Gamer activism to identify game violence as part of the art)
Aimbot in real life
GamingNexus will be giving away copies of Green Day: Rock Band all next week!
Castle Wolfenstein + Downfall + minor SFX = better done meme
The 61 worst gaming T-shirts
Real Gaming News: US Supreme Court will determine if California can regulate gaming industry
i am 8-bit asking for returned Capcom footage, no equipment
Student builds a tactile vest
Games we'll miss with the original Xbox Live service gone
SSDs and why they aren't getting cheaper...well cheaper faster
The 64 Boy, a Nintendo 64 Gameboy
A thoughtful piece on Wii shooters
Dr. Horrible in its 8-bit glory
Gaming Nexus is looking a writer in the San Fran area
Happy nondescript spring holiday from the news roundup crew
ThinkGeek's awesome April Fool's iCade should be made
Our own Chuck Husemann gets a whole room to raise their hands
Video game developers flow chart
Interview with the new King of Kong
How's this for a bookshelf?
Blockbuster near bankruptcy...time to move on
Video game bosses' lament
The new King of Kong
Daily Deal: Amazon all Wii Gold Box today
Hugo Chavez’s dislike for consoles now includes PlayStation
Top dogs of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft discuss the future of the gaming industry
7 Gamer new year's resolutions
Happy New Year!
Windows Mobile running a PSOne emulator
McWi-Fi to soon be free
Want to join Gaming Nexus? Well, now you can!
Library adding video games to their collection
Shopping for the Zelda fan in your life?
Defunct Games takes a look into the future of a Halo title coming to you
Morse Road GameCrazy closing its doors
Who's the best gaming hero, in your humble opinion?
Check out this NES screensaver
Blockbuster plans to close almost 1,000 stores
Remembering 9-11
Pirates at Bay?
PCI Express 3.0 gets pushed back
We're looking for writers!
Question of the Week: Your Favorite Grunts?
Question of the Week: Overdue Videogame Comics?
Question of the Week: Missed Opportunities?
Question of the Week: Best and Worst DLC?
New comment system in place
Question of the Week: Independent's Day?
Question of the Week: Paved the Way?
Rest in peace, Michael
Into the Pixel 2009 winners announced
Happy Memorial Day
We're looking for writers/news contributors
New version of Softimage now available
Server should be good to go
Server move update
We are moving servers
Kojima to announce next game at E3
FileFront going black on March 30th
Death and gamers
PPC with some good locking HDMI cables? takes games, fights rare diseases
Short film: Escape from City 17 - Part One
A glimpse of Jason Montes before his suspected murder-suicide
Video Games Live to premier Halo ODST music
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
Of Dice and Men Broadcast Episode 1
Defunct Games: Fighting the Year 2009 to the Death
2009 Independent Games Festival finalists unveiled
The 10 Most Unnecessary Games of 2008 -- courtesy of Defunct Games
Rock Solid?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Kid who ran away from home after parents took away Xbox 360 may have been found dead
Barack Obama president elect
Gamerz gets a game over screen but still has one continue left
From Guitar Hero to Guitar...Zero?
Best Buy establishes Gamers Club, a Reward Zone program
You got the touch!.. You got the poowwweeer! YEAH!
God Bless The USA
MSNBC offers advice on getting you girlfriend into gaming
Episode 1 of Comic Book Mods, new show over at Defunct Games
Chrono Trigger port made official with official release
The Guildhall gets new teaching talent
Content-rich Ninja Gaiden Week at Defunct Games
Want GoldenEye on Xbox Live? Make your voice heard
King tells American Idol fans "You're going to Hollywood -- on us"
In honor of the NFL draft
Say goodbye to your ragdoll, dear -- and experience Euphoria
Defunct Games' newest (and worst) game contest
Digital distribution: A glorious future -- but at what cost?
Stoked Energy launches new Gamer Challenge
Poker protest
Don't you want to frag a Pepper too? Dr. Pepper now the official beverage of the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit
"No Country for Movie Games" over at Defunct Gamer
The 11th annual Interactive Achievement Awards
Gamers fill an entire Guinness Book of World Records
One of the gaming industry's most influential people in 2007 is totally Raad
Star Trek Online delayed, Colleli weeps
Rock stars don't play with toys
Yakuza 3's memoirs of a geisha
Zero Punctuation takes on Super Mario Galaxy
Don't forget to check out the new forums and blogs
Happy New Year everyone!
Weekly Poll: How Often Do You Play the Wii?
Gaming Nexus new features
Happy Holidays everyone
Accessible gaming advocate wins award
A 'Super' 12 Days of Xmas for AT&T mobile subscribers
The fight for video games launches into Facebook
Kohnke suing Perpetual
20 most underused game mechanics listed
Five biggest moments of MMO history listed
LifeHacker provides tips on how to find a Wii/Rock Band this holiday season
Could video games based board games be the next big thing?
Happy Turkey Day!
In Pursuit of Nothing, the trivial Seinfeld board game
Video game shelf life extending through downloadable games and content
Double Dip of Impressions: Call of Duty 4 and Assassins Creed
Here's an achievement for you Ben
Find your Soul Mate in Asda Story
Richard Garriott to keynote the 2007 Independent Game Conference
BioShock gets Zero Punctuation -- and deserves it
GameStop changing store layouts in the face of industry changes
GamerDad needs your help
Noah's Ark not seen anywhere near The Flood
Rocketboy sets world record -- three years ago
I don't know why you say "Tuttles," I say Hello
Casual games causing more casualties
What Sean is playing this weekend
Only one week left to register for PAX
I heard a rumor...
Little Hot Fuzz action
Video game boot camp for moms with separation anxiety
MojoBaby comes to E3 (Austin Powers not included)
Early to bed, Early to LIVE
Alter Ego reveals the people behind their avatars
Xfire competition schedule
Guitar Hero 2 players get a Crue cut
England's Royal Family going to the highest bidder!
The Debate Club takes on the console war
The Most Important Trivia Game Ever
Win Wiis with Wendy's
Danger: ProCurves Ahead
'Inside the Nexus' Xbox 360 blog launched
W, S, V, G, and sometimes E (for All)
E3 looks very small
Video Games Rock!
Coming to you LIVE, it's Xbox TV!
Tragedy in Blacksburg
Server Move Today
Server Relocation
World Cyber Games Makes the Rules
E for all expo pricing revealed
Go Gamer, Go Gamer, Go!
Stride Xfire Cup 2007 begins soon
MasterCrafting? no.. that doesn't sound right!
Valusoft goes through the Gamer's Gate for greater distribution
Archived gaming history
A dark future for testers?
Gamestop won't take brand new games for trade-in
The Ridiculously Long Lasting Stride Xfire Cup 2007
Nielsen does video games, console growth up 18% in 2006
Another online gamer dies after spending too much time gaming
Retail Video Game sales secrets revealed?
Nintendo wins the January sales race Announces "Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge"
Archon returns
Tommy Tallarico Honored at First Annual Dream Awards
Cool Xbox 360 Achievement Generator
Need help finding a Wii or PS3?
Hitman re-cast
News Roundup: Bullet Witch Burning Crusade
CES Bound
Gran Turismo Creator Makes Motor Trend's 2007 Power List
GamePro Expo gets a new name
Gears Tourney Carnage: Two Teams, One Clan
Introducing the American Pantheon of Super Heroes to the Next Generation
IGN lists top franchises...Mario FTW
Gears of War Tournament update
Rest in peace, James Kim
Holiday Gears of War Tournament Open to Registration!
Gears of War Team Tourney Announced
Chuck Husemann: Media Darling?
And the tides of News roll in...
Robot Chicken FTW
Lydia's dark secret...fiction writing
Demos good, fire bad
News, Bomb Threat edition
Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Treats
CEA says no game event in 2007 but come see our game-centric booth
Talk of pre-orders for the PS3 and Wii at Toys-R-Us on October 29
New E3 details unveiled
Cartoon Network Prepares for Y3K
Rumor: PLAYSTATION 3 has 30 day warranty, Wii has 1 year
Best Buy will open early for PS3 and Wii
HP buys Voodoo PC
Vivox Second Life Million Minutes Promotion Starts Today
News Roundup: Army of the Darkness
Region locked/Region free debate
GDC to become next E3?
Second Life Hacked
PAX in 15 minutes
Today's Theme: Lifelike processes in an "Imaginary" World
Bulletins: ProStroke The Wheelman
Bulletins: The Just Cause of Gods & Heroes
Bulletins: The Stacked Exchange Student
Bulletins: Bonk's Return to Barrow Hill
Bulletins: LEGO My Tiberium!
Lydia's Big News Post(tm), now with tips on shameless bribery
Bulletins: The Rush for Paraworld
Bulletins: Stranger Panzers Have Happened
Bulletins: Auto Assaulting Caesar IV
AOL buys GameDaily, Gaming Nexus passed up again
Bulletins: The Dark Messiah of Test Drive Unlimited
Bulletins: The Neverwinter Bigfoot
News Bullets, Plus Tour de Firaxis
The Weak End News
From the Atomic Gamer's News Desk
CES to create an E3 like event?
Automatic Atomic Updates
Anatomy of an Atomic Gamer News Desk
The Firor and the Fury XXL on DDO
Some Previews to Chew On
A (pre)View to a Kill
Pirates and Gladiators: Revel in the Online Testosterone!
Headliners from
I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror
We've Got More Links Than The Legend of Zelda ...
Cyber Games in Vegas
More updates on E3 at Gamespot, including a new name
ESA confirms smaller show for 2007
E3 canceled?
Trailer Trash
Going Into the Weekend with the Atomic Gamer News Desk
Atomically Bombed by the AG News Desk
Hot Off the Atomic Gamer News Desk
Stray bullets from the AtomicGamer news desk
A Veritable Grab Bag of News Items
That's Certainly News to Us ...
Fresh Out of the Inbox
News Sent to the Nexus
Microcenter is looking for a few good gamers
From Our Inbox
Consider Us ... Informed
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
In Other News ...
Evening News Roundup
Massively Multiplayer Online Real Life Games?
Mark Nausha Hit by Stray Bullet
The News at Midnight
Nival Interactive and team up
Articles and Previews and Patches, oh my!
New Features...
E-mail problems
Carnival of Gamers posted
World Cyber Games gets new CEO
Gizmondo start to finish
First Dispatch podcast online
Defunct Games gets an overhaul
Mario Marimba
Get ready for the in-game ad onslaught
Server go boom
Two-Worlds, Four Screenshots
E3 pre-registration to close
ESA to get it's money back
Kevin Bachus to head up Nival Interactive
E3 sells out
Tea Leaves posts RPG cliche list
KODE5 encompasses 100,000 gamers fro 16 countries
Uwe Boll reciprocates your hatred
Console war winners and losers?
Into the Pixel taking submissions
Night Watch HD trailer
How to manage real world aggro
We have a John Romero sighting
Fatal1ty 60 minutes clip online
E3 to end boothbabes?
How to run your own MMORPG Gold Farm
Fatal1ty to appear on 60 minutes
Happy Holidays from GamingNexus
Japanese sales for the week ending December 18
A Gaming Nexus founder writes a book
NHL game rights still up in the air
Next Gen posts end of the year wrap-up
We're giving away two ECS motherboards
New Escapist online
Shelley Day jailed
Best Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat flash..evah!
New Escapist online
Happy Thanksgiving!
Fatal1ty pwns at CPL
Spector working on a Steam title
Kevin Bachus leaves Infinum
SpikeTV award winners announced, some games not even released
Jet Li to star in Tekken movie
Escapist Issue #19 online
Halo 2 Tournament TONIGHT!
New Escapist online
w00t, Dean Takahasi to write new book
The joys of next gen cross platform development
New game concert announced
MMO developers talk shop
Next Gen Console overview
Stills from the Silent Hill movie
New issue of the Escapist online
Think you know your Halloween games? Take this quiz
Things that would look good in my basement
Gamasutra and the holiday game rush
Video Games Live Dead
This is TRL with your CPL champion...
Video game sales down, Xbox 360 to the rescue
ESA suing California
Writers wanted
The Govenator signs Common Sense Video Game Bill into Law
Internet access disrupted by bickering
A few new features....
Releases this week
A Brand New Site
Sam and Max back on track
Every SNL Jeopardy episode online
ESA to sue Michigan Governor
MLB 2K5 gets a new edition
Blitzkrieg 2 golden
Get free cheer with Blitz pre-order
Hard core cash for casual gamers
I like the Nightlife.. I've got to boogie..
Releases this week
From the Internet with Love
Activision releases two trailers
Microsoft to focus on PC Gaming next
Games gone gold
MTV to make every one suffer
Civ IV pre-order deal
Panzers Patched
EA produces college baseball game, atleast Take2 didn't take ALL the baseball licenses
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes Gold
Try out Age of Empires 3
Microsoft gets into the laser game
R520 or Radeon X1800 shot - nope fake
MGE launches new line of sweet looking cases and powerful power supplies
The power of WoW and dumb analysts
PDZ Details released
Burnout Takedown and Burnout Legends go gold
Battlefront 2 Website online
ABIT in more trouble
Releases this week
Blitzkrieg 2 demo released
Jason Statham rocks
Microsoft Launches Half-Life 2 Modding center
Want a cool shirt and help Katrina Victims?
New Everquest 2 command helps hurricane relief effort
Quick retort
Gaming Nexus sims OSU vs. Miami of Ohio
More Xbox 360 news
Xbox 360 still has a useless HDD but here's some info on other aspects
Corsair: more memory helps BF2
Patriot introduces 1000mHz memory
BFGTech teams up with AGEIA
Incoming! Starship Troopers demo!
FIFA demo released
Give to help those that were affected by Katrina
Red vs. Blue Season 4
Financial Analyst scores pimped up 300C
We Love Katamari Gold
Dynasty Warriors 5 gold
Panzer Elite Action website updated
Releases this week
Call of Brothers or Band of Duty?
Rise of Nations fan kit available
Heroes of the Pacific coming to you this Fall
New Half-Life 2 details released
NHL 2006 Demo out
New X-men Hotness Online
CliffyB's GDC speech online
Some insight into EA's financial plans
Auto Assault Delayed
Official US PSP 2.0 update available
Finally a reason to watch on MTV2
Get your ass to Mars. New Doom trailer out.
Blue Shift now available on Steam
New Frag Dolls Wanted: John searches for a padded bra
Yellowcard to appear on Burnout Sound track
EB announces 360 bundles, bring your own lube
Saitek experiences an Eclipse
This weeks releases
Fable goes gold
Looking for something to listen to?
Gordon and Johnson are NASCAR 06 cover athletes
Video games to influence car design?
Allard Interview Transcript
Xbox 360 Chat - Useless (because the answers were lagged)
Chat with Allard tomorrow (8-21-05) and yell at him about the lack of HDD
Unreal 4 engine announced
Microsoft attempts Zerg rush with Xbox 360
Land of Legends goes gold, launches demo
Get your Quake 3 source code here
PlayStation 3 to be $299.... well.. I doubt it
New Catalyst drivers available
AOE3 Collector's Edition Announced
Far Cry Site Online
Graeme Revell hears a Call to Duty
More information on the two SKU's of the Xbox360
Xbox 360 Details released - ** sigh **
A new Isle for the Dark Age
Twilight Princess Pushed back, Sean on suicide watch
Midway and Epic release new content for Unreal Championship 2
The sky is falling? Not so fast
MS sets new world record
Nintendo cuts DS price
This weeks releases
SOE and the Matrix officially merge
Pre-order your villians
Shaq attaq on the cover of NBA 2K6
Vegas baby! Vegas! with Dark Age
Man Down!
Halo 3 rumors
Leadtek launches the PX7800 GT
Madden Next Gen video partners up with NVIDIA
New drivers out as well
NVIDIA puts out another GeForce7
Those 1.2 million players will have to wait for rankings.
50 hours of gaming can kill you
Weekly Releases
Dell goes SLI with their latest XPS system
Blitz site live
Would you like to experience F.E.A.R.?
Battlefield 2 MOD Editor out
Top 10 game cliches
Myst V gets special edition
Ubi and Arkane team up for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Midway lands rights to "The Ant Bully"
Midway buys Ratbag
Midway cancels PC version of Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows
New Panzers, Phase II Movie online
360 box pic
Dungeon Siege II demo available
From Russia With Love.. for Maria Menounos
More Mutant Madness
Sweet Hulk pre-order offer
F.E.A.R. Demo on Friday
Releases this week
Xbox 360 to get keyboard controller?
Go Ballistix with 1GHz
Final Fantasy XII to ship in Japan on March 16... of 2006
Blizzard looks to move south
Activision and Marvel continues relationship
Aussies can't handle Hot Coffee
Graffiti Kingdom in stores
Bust out the popcorn, new Blitzkrieg II movie out
Doom movie's website open
Xbox 360 Fan boy post of the day
Catalyst betas for Microsoft Vista
EA acquires Hypnotix
Madden 06 site open for business
New PSP firmware out, cool features added
2005-2006 NHL Schedule's are online
Jewel Quest goes mobile
Diplomacy Site launches
Big list of Xbox 360 games
PGR3 Trailer up
Doom trailer up and it's not half bad
Our tax dollars at work
EA Signs "Talent" to appear in upcoming Need for Speed game
Makai Kingdom in stores
Battleground Europe website open for business
The Kingpin and a girl that's Six Feet Under are going to suffer
Watch the Sith and play the latest Battlefront on the same day
HD Frame City Kiler Trailer online
More hot hobbit action coming your way
Goodmorning Gamers
From the "I told you so front"
Destroy All Movies!
Meedio TV coming out July 27
Land of Legends nearing gold
LT will Blitz you!
Beta Forceware drivers available
ESRB Caves
Look at that GUN
Dungeon Siege II is gold.. GOLD! GOLD!
Releases for this week
GTA: San Andreas Kurfluffle
Valve teams up with EA
Verizon to offer EA games
Battlefield 2 hotfix is out
Oompa Loompa doompa dee doo, I've got a new game coming to you
A couple of comic book artists helps out on the Rise of Imperfects
The Battlefield gets a little bigger with a new expansion pack
There be Pirates! on the Xbox
Boom! Madden ups his contract with EA.
Romero checks out of Midway...
The long cold (hockey) night is over
Battlefield 2 woes continue
Xbox 360 Fan boy mode on
Wipeout Gamma Pack 3 out?
Maria and Roger are hitting balls together for Top Spin
NCAA Football 06 hits stores
A plethora of Xbox 360 shots
Gets some more Black and White 2 goodness
Sony drops a PS3 function, what's next to go?
Get your Forza ranking online
Celebrate all that is Blizzard
Sin Episodes website live
Activision announces new WSOP game
Justice League, best cartoon on TV, gets a game
London Bombings
CS_Assault map released... oh and other updates too
ABIT launches an Intel SLI board
Leadtek announces the PX7800 GTX
A little good news for gamers
And you thought your job sucked
New Codename: Panzers, Phase Two trailers out
Battlefield 2 patch is now out
Interesting EA rumor of the week
Sin 2 news
Brother can you spare a patch?
Bad Day Website online
Is that an ECHO I hear?
Spec Force Demo released
Second PCI-E AIW card coming this summer
Happy Fourth of July
Uwe Boll Strikes Again
Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full
New Blitzkrieg II website online
Microsoft to license Xbox 360 software?
ECS gives you dual identities
PlayStation 3 to be $399 at launch?
Valve opens up a community
Xbox 360 gets it's first exclusive MMORPG
KOF finallly comes to Xbox
BlizzConn announced
Konami to play both sides of the fence
Far Cry Instincts now Xbox only
New X3 Trailer released
Ghost Recon 3 gets an official title
GamingNexus hits the airwaves with CD101
MTV Launches Game Studio
Midway and MTV hook up
Protest Nintendo's HD
Rumor of the week
NewEgg.Com knows NVIDIA
SAG reconsiders?
Rockstar announces Upload 4 contest
New Hulk gets a voice
Gamercard interview
Sneak a peak of the PS3 Dev Kit
The Falklands War: 1982 released
True Crime 2005 city revealed
SAG kills Voice Acting Guild Contract
NVIDIA unleashes the GeForce 7800
New Far Cry patch out
Battlefield 2 ships to stores, John and I catch mysterious flu
Enemy Territories Site up
Alan Wake movie available
NVIDIA to have new cards out Wednesday?!
Destroy All Humans Impressions
Halo 3 rumors surface
Supreme Commander Officially Announced
DFC predicts max of 50% for PS3, 40% for the Xbox 360, 35% for the Revolution
Strategy First gets down with Aladdin Chess
That's not Olivia Newton John on your N-Gage
SWAT 4 update
Does my voice really sound like that?
Happy Father's Day
Got skillz? Prove it
EverQuest expansion lets you play as a monster
ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern Goes Gold
Wired talks to Shigeru
Xbox 360 to launch with 20 titles?
Dead to Rights: Reckoning goes gold
It's a sad day for Video game movies
Let's put Vin Diesel into a movie based on a video game. It can't fail!
Romero hits CPL
Nintendo Revolution specs "leaked"
World of Warcraft gets 2 million subscribers
Blitzkrieg Anthology ships
Shigeru's not happy with the gaming industry
Insight on the Xbox 360 Design
Get Juiced
EA gives DS Rogue Agents some WiFi
A few Xbox 360 tidbits
Voice Actors Guild strike averted
PS3 Hard drive optional, may run linux
Battlefield 2 demo out
Catalyst 5.6 out
Get screwed on the river
EA's Fantasy Football gets some new features
PSP to bring new meaning to the word
Top 25 Games on Xbox Live
Shrapnel Games launches Salvo!
Nintendo giving DS WiFi hotspots
Visit San Andreas on the PC and Xbox
Go toe to toe against others in World of Warcraft
X-Box version of Still Life ships
Medal of Honor European Assault ships
World of Warcraft hits China
Dear Delta Airlines
High res Xbox 360 accessories pictures
Prey E3 footage released
Conker Goes Golden
Programmers first
New Cold War Movie online
PS3 to ship without hard drive
Beta Diplomats wanted
Ubi opens new studio in Quebec City
Battlefield 2 Gold
v1.03 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory patch out
Every MMORPG player knows some idiot like this
Now where's the Rachel Leigh Cook PSA for this game?
More Xbox 360 info than you can shake a stick at
Play Magic Ball 2, win big prizes
ATI announces CrossFire
Ubisoft Fights Back
More Medal of Honor Gold
Must resist temptation to re-install game
Win $1000 by being a THUG
Gun Metal Shipping
Arc the Lad: Endless Darkness goes gold
Your guide to Panzers Phase 2 now online
Ultimate Spider-Man site now up
Play Duke Nukem 3D on Windows XP
Doom 3 1.3 patch available
Logitech goes 360
Xbox 360 HD Videos online
Fantastic Four #1 up for grabs
Want to win a car? Activision can help you out
More Metal Slugs for the PS2
Play Seether in Doom 3
Mike Meyers due 19 mil. for Shrek 3 and 4
Headed back to Ohio
X-Men Legends II site goes live
Webzen and Nvidia hook up
Gizmondo launch date announced
Ubi announces some more Brothers
LucasArts gives you the whip again and more Star Wars
EA gets some more DICE
Salvo! demo available
Gaming Nexus is at E3
John Woo goes doves and dual guns with Chow Yun Fat
Unreal Tournament 2007 press release
Mad Catz doing Xbox 360 stuff
Bandai announces .hack//G.U.
First shot of the Nintendo Revolution
Playstation 3 press release
Jack Bauer heads to the consoles
What about the games?
Xbox360 to shop the same time
Backwards compatible
Square Enix pledges support for Xbox360
Xbox360 picks up Quake IV
Ubisoft launches E3 site
Oblivion comes to the Xbox360
Get into the war with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Blizzard goes Ape
Calling all grognards! The Falklands War: 1982 demo
"In his house at R'lyeh…”
Namco sets up a sniper’s nest
Ghost Wars announced
Xbox 360 Conference to be webcast
Nvidia ships last Xbox chips
New CS and HL2 updates
Knights of Honor Contest
Xbox 360 Ghost Recon 3 shots
Knights of Honor Contest
More Chaos on the way
2KGames announced Snow
Supreme Ruler 2010 ships
Activision Announces E3 Lineup
Official Xbox 360 Press Release
Xbox 360 Video
Official Xbox 360 site up
NCsoft at E3
Trackmania Sunrise races into stores
Cossacks II patched
Hip Interactive’s E3 offerings
Arrr Pirates of the Carribean game announced...
Cold Winter ships in the spring?
EA announces E3 lineup
Microsoft announces Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
Jackie Chan Adventures coming to the PS2
Namco gets Curious
Lemmings go mobile
Star Fury flies into stores
G4 announces interesting E3 promotions
Need for Speed Underground ships for the DS
Dungeon Lords patched
Fight Night to appear on the Apprentice
CPL heating things up in Texas
Actiontec's gone wireless for gaming
Peter Jackson's King Kong at E3
McNabb is the McCover boy of McMadden 06
Far Cry goes 64-bit
America's Army uses Unreal Engine 3
Abit launches some new products, gamers rejoice
Xbox 360 specs revealed?
Unreal Tournament 2007.. gets.. well a title
Rockstar wants you to be a bully
Dwyane Wade gets on the cover of NBA Live 06
Is this the Xbox 360?
EA announces NHL 2006 cover athlete
Calling all bad guys
PvP arenas in the City of Heroes
Mage Knight coming to PC
AOL puts video game scores on the air
Alan Wake makes his first appearance
Robocop to do voice work in new Panzers game
Ten lords a shipping
Jam on dem bongos again
SSX goes on tour
NCSoft's E3 lineup
ATI announces cards with mucho memory
Doom movie screens appear, suckage meter rises slowly
More Xenon details
Pariah in Stores
Be a Pirate, a Puzzle Pirate
Fatal1ty's moving on up
Golden Knights
Domination Multiplayer now free
Cossacks II Has Bombarded The Shelves...
Forza hits the shelves
EA taps ..Desmond Howard for NCAA 2006?!?!
Gates does a 360
2K Games partners with FIRAXIS
11th year of E3 is two weeks away
Dungeon Lords goes gold
OTES goes silent
Next gen will work on next gen
Valve and Vivendi settle
Mostly sunny this summer, Urban Reign this fall
Empire Earth II Ships
Will of Steel Patched
I'll take The Rapist for $800 Alex
Supreme Ruler gold
Golden Pariah
Memory Lane
Guild Wars launches
Atari Brings Back the Greatest Games of an Era
Halo 2 Updates
Atomic Betty to arrive on GBA
American McGee has a bad day
Blitzkrieg II announced
SNK to release four games for Xbox owners
Prey official, time to party like it's 1999
Are you the best at Halo 2?
Namco and Flagship Announce Hellgate
Order your advance copy Supreme Ruler 2010, get freebies
American Conquest: Divided Nation
War Leaders: Clash of Nations announced
We Love Katamari!
Prince of Persia 3 announced
Well, that's something new
Round balls heading to the PSP
Webzen Scores Shore for Game Score
Dungeon Lords fan kit up
Cossacks II demo out
AREA 51 Invades Retail
Square Enix Heads Into E3 With Both Barrels Smoking
Splinter Cell gets a patch
For all your Nintendo needs
LucasArts announces Star Wars Battlefront 2
Serious Sam II announced
Stronghold 2 in stores
Sims 2 is invading other platforms
Mad Catz! It's faaaantastic!
Nintendo not going to have a Revolution at E3?
Get a glimpse of next gen Madden during the draft this weekend
GameStop buys out EB Games, new wave of applications at Sbarro expected
Alienware introduces Star Wars themed computers.
Get ready for another Unreal Championship season
And now for something completely different
Land of Legends available for pre-order
Get some Pariah action
Ubisoft's titles at E3
Namco goes Moto
Forza Motorsport goes gold
Cossacks II Gold.... Let's go to War
Saitek picks WirelessUSB chip provider
Namco's latest RPG for the PS2
EA and the Harry Potter Game
Dead To Rights II ships
New Patch for Dominions II
Ghost Recon 2 cancelled for PC
Run Windows 98,, on your Xbox!
Last chance to pre-register for E3 for media
MTV debutes Xbox 360 on May 12
Alpha Dungeons and Dragons sign up now
CLC gives EA exclusive licensing, another reason to be mad at EA
Need for Speed becomes Most Wanted
Let's Play Catchup!!
Look who's going to be creating content for the Xbox 2
PS3 unveiled at E3 after all
Empire Earth II Gold
Half-Life 2 expansion pack details
Catalyst 5.4 now out
Nintendo DS gets golden.. with Rogue Agent
There be a plague in Norrath
Old school strategy games
Republic Commando patch out
Collide w/Collison on Xbox Live
Call of Duty goes Deluxe
SWAT 4 storming stores
Another patch for Brothers in Arms released
Corsair partners with NVIDIA
Get down.. get down..
Doom 3's evil is resurrected
Some new free scenery for Zoo Tycoon 2
Burnout Revenge announced, debuts at E3
Arrrr Matey
Untold Legends Kicks Retail Butt, That's No Joke
New CounterStrike Update Available, Not Really
Bond...Larry Bond.. contributes to Supreme Ruler 2010
Jade Empire goes gold and in stores April 14
Hand held chaos
Mini Xmen Demo out
Domination Patch Released
Mad Catz + Boonty = downloadable games
Midway Gets Happy Feet
Spikeout: Battle Street Pounds the Xbox
Nintendo's Response to the Massive PSP Launch
Might and Magic returns
Conker Kit online
Everything shipped .99 at
Now this is an interesting promotion between Lexar and Ubi
Ubi says ride or die! Sorta like P.Diddy's vote or die.. sorta.
PS2's about to become hard to find?
Happy Jesus Resurrection Day Everyone!
Halo 2 Map Pack Coming Soon
Dungeon Lords Demo Available
Shadowbane has a case of the terrible twos
SWAT 4 Date Confirmed
BradyGames Retains Market Dominance
Activision Brings Two Launches to the PSP
EA Adds Three To PSP Launch
Don't Sell Your Soul
Ridge Racer Races to PSP
God Of War flies under radar?
Concept Ps3 or the real thing?
Activision Gets Down on the PSP Fever
Lumines Hits Stores
E3 will hold ACON5 North America finals
Best Buy opens 2 hours earlier tomorrow for you PSP folks
Untold Legends, Brotherhood of the Retail
Vivendi Gets Radical
The Chaos Theory has some gold in it
Go Into the Pixel at E3 this year
NBA does it right
John Milius lends talents to Medal of Honor European Assault
Time to split...
The Matrix Online is..
EA Stock Drops 12%
Eidos Sold to Elevation Partners
Enemy Territory Gets Another Patch
NARC for $19.95 and now available
E3 2005 biggest in five years
X3: The Reunion is, not an X-Men movie..
TOCA 2006 racing to shelves this winter
Brothers in Arms now out for PC and PS2 owners
WoW raking in the money
Heroes in a Half Shell now on Shelves
Let the PSP marketing hype begin
Platinum Ballers
EA Sims March Madness
Newegg has the Lightscribe HP DVD burner for sale
Mad Catz starts taking steroids... and makes some MLB branded controllers
Act of War to help fill the RTS void
It's not safe to go back into the water
Cold Fear Ships
From Dust to Retail
Cold Fear Trailer Now Available
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Rolls Into Stores
EA announced a Marvel-ous game
Brother in Arms patch released, Charlie does a jig
N-Gage Now cheaper
E3 conference sessions info
Sony PSP Billing to the Hype?
ATI launches Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel
Forza Motorsport in Popular Science
It's time to jack in to the Matrix
New Catalyst has support for OpenGL 2.0
Crucial goes X850 XT
Logitech's new lineup includes a new mouse!
Next Xbox details released.
Oldboy Trailer Available On Yahoo!
Sneak Into the Matrix This Saturday
Sonic Gets Star On Walk of Game
EA's Quest for Global Domination Continues, Set to Publish Dead To Rights II
The Brothers go gold
Saitek works with AMD
Digital Bridges lands Eisenstein
Robots on shelves
Xbox Live on a Collison Course
New Madagascar trailer online
StrategyFirst lands Battle of Europe
XNA developers get cool new toys
Fiddy gets his own game
Activision announced new Call of Duty game
Patch that WarCraft
Xbox gamers can take the Road to Hill 30
That's 50 people in Xbox Live playing Black Hawk Down
Still Life demo released
Looks like Charlie's getting his groove back
PsychoToxic Gold
ATI gets hyper
Visual Concept's last sports game with ESPN is released
Fight Night goes another round
New comic coming based on City of Heroes
Ubi to publish sports games
Higher learning for the Sims
ATI brings high end cards to the AGP world
Tekken 5 ships to stores
Microsoft brings in some new blood
TimeSplitters online
Golden Brothers
New CounterStrike Source update is out
New Patch Awaits Armchair Generals
No Need For Electricity, It's STEAMPOWERED!!!
Keep Your Gun Out of the Powder, SOCOM 3 Announced
Old Boy Coming to US Theatres on March 25
Time to juice up as MVP Baseball 2005 ships
New downloadable content for MechAssault 2
ATI shows off 512MB card
Yan Causes Problems Overseas
Intec Gets Down On the Star Wars Fad
June 7 Is Killer Tuesday
Project Snowblind Ships
Namco Ships Two for the GBA
Kessen III Conquers Retail
Irrational Goes Indenpendant Gold
PSP Box Art Revealed
New Unreal Tournament 2004 patch out
EA gets another lawsuit served to them
Changes are a comin'
Got Pizza? Everquest II helps you out
More LagMatch Goodness
Prepare For More Suffering (The Good Kind)
PSP Movies Priced
PC's about to be invaded
Midway opens up a new batch of treasures
A MMORPG that's not fantasy based!?! and by GTA creator?!
Whiptail whips up PsychoToxic Demo
More gold
Moment of Silence not so quiet anymore
Is that Europa in your hand or are you happy to see me?
World of Warcrack continues domination
More Panzers in June
NanoBreaker Slashes Into Retail
You can be the ONE
Midway Snags Adult Swim License
Warhammer Brings Winter Hell This Summer
WarioWare Touches Retail
Xenosaga II Now Available
Namco Stocks Up on Spinach, Reels in Popeye
Second Sight Ships to Retail
Jack into the Matrtix on March 22
NASCAR fans line up
Behold the Ill-Effects of EA's NFL Exclusivity Deal
Games Headed Your Way
Polarium Announced for the DS
Scrapland now in Golden land
Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club Coming to the PSP
Z-Axis Gets Its Move On
Namco Delivers Death... BY DEGREES!!!!!
More DS titles en route from Ubi
We're all Doom3d in April
More Pain headed your way
Catalyst 5.2 primed for download
NBA Street V3 in stores now
Advent Rising Soundtrack Hitting Epic Proportions
King of Fighters Hits The PS2
Kessen III Goes Gold
Midway Announces "Unreal" Pre-Sell Program
X-Men Legends Crash the N-Gage Party
Ridge Racer Coming to PSP
Matrix Online Will Use Pre-Paid Game Cards
Enigma: Rising Tide Gets the Gold Treatment
New RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 pack announced
Champions: Return to Arms ships
Games Headed Your Way
Steam Update in the Works
There's Treasure to Be Found in Area 51
Mortal Kombat Jumps the Gun, Gets the Gold
Act of War Draws 580,000 Participants
Rome Patched
Ohio Boy makes it into Video game
Disciples II headed to stores
Agatha finally makes her way to your CRT
Sammy Studios Cans Marketing Staff
Beth Soft Signs Publishing Agreement With Take-Two
Tekken 5 Bundles Up For the.... Summer?
Sony Online Invades Seattle
24 Titles Available for PSP Launch
PSP Finally Gets Dated
Activision Snags the Rights to Shrek 3
Konami ships Winning Eleven 8
Xenosaga Episode II is gold
Gran Turismo 4 gets a start date
Midway + Unreal Engine 3 = many cool looking games
The Godfather gets down with EA
Uwe Fuerstenberg To Head New Midway Office
Water in Fire = Version 1.8?
N-Gage Gets Extreme!
Trip Hawkins gets inducted
Online Reversi championship announced
Kohan II patched
Lineage II gets some anti-hacking measures
Strategy First signs new football...err soccer title
Engine Wars: Source Vs. Doom 3
Konami Announces 2005 Lineup
Castlevania Curses the PS2 Late 2005
New Metal Gear Acid Details Arise
Konami Annouces Death, Jr. For the PSP
Winning Eleven 8 Web site Goes Live
Cold Winter online
You are the Law
Xbox Gets A Little Myst-y Eyed
Namco X Capcom In the Works
Take-Two Launches 2K Brand of Games
EA To Employees: Hey, Our Revenues Are At An All-Time High, Oh and Don't Let the Door Hit Your Ass On the Way Out
TakeTwo strikes again
Golden Lords
Got Snakes?
Pariah hitting store shelves in May
NVIDIA launches fan site kit
Body blow, body blow
EA becomes a little Odd
Arc the Lad Finds Stateside Publisher in Namco
Wolves Take to the Sea
EA completes offer for DICE
Sega sells Visual Concepts to Take-Two
Champions: Return to Arms goes gold
Not quite dead yet
Take-Two Locks Up MLB For 7 Years, Takes the Non-EA Route
Major League Gaming Begins January 29
Ubisoft announces 3Q numbers
Namco announces new RPG
Activision acquires some Visions
Beastie Boys talk a walk on the NBA Street
It's Like Virtua Fighters, But Without the Fighters!
Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel in stores
Nvidia releases new mobile goodness
More hot Sam Fisher action
Space Empires IV: Gold Back in stock
ATI delivers the X700 to mobile people
Incubus latest to take on Xbox Live gamers
Obscure game coming
Give me a Utah Jazz one to stomp on
Dreamcatcher to release Domination
New Ballistix memory configurations
Bots are released for CS:Source
Catalyst 5.1 download available
EA Sports Continues Its Assault on SEGA Sports, Steals ESPN License
Forza Fleet announced
Korean productivity to decline this week
Monday is the day for Counterstrike Source Bots
EA rolls the Dice and waivers some
Still Life in North America
Another punk comes to the Xbox
Myst Series finally coming to an end?
New Time of Defiance client available
NARC Ships March 22
Planet Moon Studios Invades the PSP
Getting Mysti-eyed for the final
Unreal Championship 2 announced