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Gaming Nexus was started in 1997 to provide web readers with high quality game reviews and news. We were away for a short time as we merged with a few companies but now we're back in full force. Based out of Columbus, Ohio Gaming Nexus looks to bring you great coverage on PC and console games and hardware.

The site is designed and developed by owner, John Yan. Some technologies used for the site are AJAX, ASP.NET 3.5, Linq to SQL, and CSS.

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Top News Posters for This Month:
Writer Count
John Yan 30
Jeremy Duff 21
Randy Kalista 20
Nathan Carter 17
Jeff Kintner 17
Sean Colleli 13
Russell Archey 13
Nathaniel Cohen 13
Dan Keener 9
Sam Stewart 9
Cary Lange 9
Sean Cahill 7
Travis Huinker 6
Charles Husemann 3
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